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WikiConference USA 2014 • New York City

This page is currently under construction.

We’re always looking for people to volunteer or contribute to the planning of the conference. If you’re interested in volunteering or contributing, sign up below. Questions should be directed to wikicon@wikimedianyc.org.

Interested Volunteers Sign Up

Provide your name and the best way to contact you.

Name Email & Social Location Event Skills & Experience Wikimedia Skills & Experience Volunteer Time
Geraldshields11 geraldshields11 at gmail dot com Washington, DC, United States Photographer and Wikimedia DC chapter event promotion coordinator. IRL, I am a US attorney. I am a member of several Wiki Projects, such as The Wikipedia Library, Women's History, Taxation, and Open Knowledge Foundation. I am involved with other open cultural projects, such as being a Distributed Proofreader in support of Project Gutenberg. Attended a fun part of Wikimania in DC, contributor to WikiCommons, anti-vandal patroler, and editor Have camera and willing to travel. Would like to be the official still photographer of Wiki Conference USA 2014 if a grant or scholarship from Wiki Conference USA and/or grant from Wiki Foundation covers travel costs and expenses.
Zellfaze (talk) zellfaze (at) zellfaze (dot) org Maryland I work as a systems admin and programmer as my ay job, but not sure if that is useful at all here Editor on en.wp and Commons, Lurker on Wikitech-l, Written several Mediawiki extensions for work, Member of FSF, Avid free knowledge advocate Willing to do anything that might be helpful assuming that I go (which it looks like I will be). Use me where you need me.
DanielRenfro bluecurio at gmail dot com Boston, Massachusetts 15+ years web development and sysadmin. Participated in myriad talks/seminars/meetings of various topics over the years...both running them and volunteering. 8+ years experience with MediaWiki. Currently administer a large MediaWiki instance for Vistaprint containing the internal documentation for the entire company. I was thinking I could help out as a "TA" (teaching assistant) of sorts for workshops or other technical/hands-on seminars.
Mitchazenia (Adam Seth Moss) richardpetty43@msn.com Highland Park/Little Falls, New Jersey Wikimedia NYC due paying member, and caterer, plus tons of grunt work, doing ordering, delivery, set up, etc. Almost nine year Wikipedia editor, admin on ENWP and Commons. Will do grunt work, as much as needed.
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