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|'''11:00 am''' '''Citizen Scientists and Rare Book Library''', Margaret Dykens, Registrar and Director of the Research Library, San Diego Natural History Museum
|'''11:00 am''' '''Citizen Scientists and Rare Book Library''', Margaret Dykens, Registrar and Director of the Research Library, San Diego Natural History Museum
'''1:00 pm''' Cannibals, Museum of Man (proposed)
'''1:00 pm''' TBD
'''3:00 pm''' TBD
'''3:00 pm''' TBD

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The Wiki Culture Crawl is a pre-conference event dedicated to GLAM-Wikipedia activities at Balboa Park, an historic San Diego hub that is home to more than 15 museums and cultural institutions. It is designed to be the largest one-day collaboration ever between Wikipedia contributors and the GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives, museums) community.

San Diego Museum of Art 02.jpg Balboa Park, San Diego, California 9 2014-03-12-crop.jpg Museum Of Man SD.JPG Balboa Park Botanical Building 01.jpg

See the page Wiki Culture Crawl on English Wikipedia for additional information.

The day-long event will challenge Wikipedia editors to improve articles identified by the organizations while also educating and training staff about the Wikimedia movement. Registered participants will be provided free admission to all the museums to assist in improving content, as well as special "Backstage Passes" – special tours and talks with experts at Balboa Park institutions and their unique collections.

Wikimuseums edit-a-thon in Villa Pignatelli, Napoli, 2016

Free to the public and professionals, but registration is required to participate.

  • When: Friday, October 7, 2016, 9:30 am to 5:00 pm
  • Who: Members of the public, novices, experienced Wikipedia editors, and cultural/museum professionals are all welcome.
  • Where: Balboa Park, San Diego, California.
  • What to bring: A laptop, a tablet, an advanced cell phone with a web browser. The entire park has free high speed Wi-Fi Internet.

Tentative schedule (subject to change)

Culture Crawl Edit-a-thon Wiki Training Clinics Backstage Pass
Improving pre-selected articles from cultural institutions. Three determined by each organization and worked on by Wikipedia editors and Balboa Park staff. Drop-in clinics for staff, docents and cultural professionals throughout the day. Pre-arranged tours of special collections in Balboa Park institutions for Wikipedia editors.
9:00 am Registration opens, continues throughout the day

9:30 am Introduction to Wikipedia edit-a-thons for participants and BP staff

10:00 am Assessment and research of articles. Individuals visit museums and institutions throughout the day and continuously improve articles

1:00 pm Check-in on progress

4:00 pm Evaluation of results

4:30 pm Awards and accolades

10:00 am Introduction to Wikipedia and the Wikimedia movement

12:00 noon Experiences from Wikipedians in Residence at heritage institutions; Brown bag lunch

2:00 pm Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata - Alex Stinson, others

4:00 pm New developments and the future of Wikipedia; how to keep working with the Wikipedia/Wikimedia community

11:00 am Citizen Scientists and Rare Book Library, Margaret Dykens, Registrar and Director of the Research Library, San Diego Natural History Museum

1:00 pm TBD

3:00 pm TBD

5:00 pm TBD

Impact of Wikipedia to Museums - the British Museum noticed that online traffic to its web site related to its prized artifact, the Rosetta Stone, was just 1/5 as much to the Rosetta Stone Wikipedia article. This was the start of many GLAM-Wikipedia collaborations.


  • Andrew Lih, GLAM Wiki coordinator; Wikipedia administrator; associate professor, American University
  • In collaboration with Balboa Park Online Collaborative and Balboa Park Cultural Partnership

See also

  • GLAM one page summary - history of GLAM engagemeent between cultural institutions and Wikipedia
  • Wikipedia Space - exhibit and project from Andrew Lih with the US National Archives on Wikipedia literacy