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Also view the Wikivoyage guide for Columbus.

Welcome to an overview of staying in and getting around Columbus, Ohio. This overview will be expanded and improved as the conference nears.

On Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday of our conference, we will in and around Thompson Library, located at the heart of the Ohio State University campus. On Friday, we will be doing our Culture Crawl activities (tours, museums, etc.) in downtown Columbus.


Columbus is a car-centric city, with Uber and Lyft (ridesharing services) widely available. Columbus is also served by the COTA public bus service, which will be able to take you between most important places in the city (including Ohio State, downtown, and the airport).


Columbus is served by the John Glenn International Airport (CMH), located 6 miles easy of downtown Columbus. Southwest Airlines provides the most flights through Columbus, following by American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines (in that order). Budget flights from Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, and Orlando are available via Spirit Airlines.

It is roughly 20 minutes from the airport to Thompson Library via car (we recommend a taxi, Uber, or Lyft to your destination - starting at between $20-$30). Busing is also available, though will take up to an hour to get to campus.

Carpooling is recommended; as the conference nears, we will provide mediums for participants to coordinate arrival times and carpooling.


  • If you are arriving via Greyhound, the Columbus Greyhound Station is located at 111 E. Town Street Columbus, Ohio 43215.
  • Columbus' public transportation consists of the COTA bus service. Fare information can be found here; passes may be purchased upon arrival at John Glenn International Airport, at the AirConnect bus stop located outside of Arrivals (credit card only). COTA day passes cost $4.50, while 7-day passes cost $25. Single one-way trip fares are $2, with rush hour fairs costing $2.75. Discounts are available for seniors and children.
  • Ohio State University has its own bus service called CABS, which is free to ride around campus.


Columbus is served by both Lyft and Uber. These rideshare services are easy to use via a smartphone, and we highly recommend participants share rides to share costs. Lyft and Uber rides can support 4 or more passengers at a time.


Most lodging is located roughly 8-15 minutes away via car, with much of it also accessible via COTA.

On campus: Ohio State has one hotel on-campus, the Blackwell Inn. As it is the only hotel located right on campus, it is pricier than other options you can find. It is an approximately 10 minute walk to the Thompson Library, and can easily access the campus bus system (CABS).

Off campus: There are many hotels located north of campus as well as downtown, with some other options located throughout the rest of the area. These hotels start at around $60/night, average at around $100/night, and can go up to $200/night depending on the quality of location.

  • North of campus: There are several options here, ranging from $60 - $140. The nearest bus stop is located right outside Staybridge Suites. View on Google Maps
  • South of campus: These are relatively close to campus. View on Google Maps
  • Downtown: These are a roughly ~15 drive to campus, or a ~20-30 minute bus drive, depending on how far you are from a bus stop. These hotels are nice if you want to be near the heart of the city, as well as near the locations of our Culture Crawl on Friday. View on Google Maps

Columbus Hotel Overview.png