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WikiConference North America 2019 • Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.
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The Great Encyclopedia Adventure, colloquially known as "Game Night", is a loose overarching role-playing game for Sunday night at WikiConference North America 2019, and a utopic sequel to the Post-Information Masquerade of Friday evening.

Following a disastrous decision by the WMF to offer an Initial Coin Offering in 2030, the encyclopedia has been effectively broken up, and the players can engage in any of a variety of mini-games to gather enough "wikicoin" together to re-found a unified Wikipedia.

Puzzle pieces and pillar cards

P wiki letter w.svg

There are 42 "wikicoin" in the symbolic form of plastic puzzle tokens. A combination of players can connect 5 matching wikicoin to build up a pillar in the image of an Ionic column, which will represent a mutually agreed pillar card from the deck of novel policy suggestions, or by a custom written card.


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A variety of mini-games, including regular and wiki-specialized board games, scavenger hunts, talent shows, etc. Each mini-game is administered by one of the "Last Admins" who in the present dark ages have been entrusted with a handful of wikicoin to distribute to winners.

Victory condition

Temple of Athena at Priene.jpg

The community's goal is to build up "new pillars" for Wikipedia, and each pillar team will nominate a "new co-founder" to manage their platform. At the end of the evening, the various co-founders will have the authority to re-found Wikipedia if they can agree on a "second Five Pillars" to complement the original set, with the wording of each pillar subject to negotiation among them.