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  • More liasing between google and volunteers, as opposed to staff
  • Wikipedia reliability resp. BLP +
  • Pre-notification from google, etc. if they are doing anything (e.g. google doodle) that will spike pageviews
  • Track wikipedia biographies w/ poor sourcing. poor ratio of sources to word count means poor credibility
  • How do we differentiate between reliability and systemic gatekeeping? (Create a standard?) +++
  • Use perennial sources list to create a rubric for evaluating sources +
  • Has anyone looked at/found studies on how reliability/credibility was handled historically for "new" media (printing press, radio, TV, etc) ++
  • Better counter-vandalism tools for wikidata! +
  • How can news sources be identified as reliable? 2 components: (a) info presented by the source, and (b) info presented by critical independent sources +
  • Reliability needs to be built into WikiData, not retrofitted later. What needs to be built in to support reliability metrics and out-of-date metrics on each WikiData item? ++
  • People not knowing they are using unreliable sources!
  • How can we show (in a prominent space) editors' affiliations to make their edits more transparent?
  • How do we build and train teams to do quality improvement, including citations

  • How to encourage publishers to include links & sources in their articles +++
  • Structured data for articles (like structured data for commons). Attach wikidata items to news stories ++
  • What can Wikidata people learn from the chaotic situation that has developed in wikimedia commons?
  • How can Wikipedians work with the subjects of hteir articles to find more reliable and accurate sources and maintain compliance with COI and NPOV? +
  • Harmonizing reliability standards over several projects (WikiData, Wikipedia, etc)
  • How to help editors evaluate reliability of more local news sources (e.g. city newspapers) +++
  • Wikidata is very vulernable to trolls/bots, with little monitoring of quality. What can be done to make it easier for editors to detect and discourage bad data and bad behavior? +
  • Wikidata items and text summaries for major daily news events.
  • What can we do about the tension between profit motive for platforms and the fact that false or unreliable info can be very profitable? ++
  • News on Wiki (NoW) - build on 2018 NoW campaign. Improve wikipedia and wikidata coverage of news sources +++
  • Discussion about DOIs for out-of-copyright meterial - can more resourced orgs help the wiki/library world? +
  • Should be able to assign DOIs through WM commons! Let's do it. Emjackson42 +
  • Expand wikidata entries for newspapers. (a) has correction policy (b) has research team ++++++++
  • WP service to other platforms. Offer easy lists of sources that meet various reliability standards and predictors:
    1. they hired real journalists
    2. they have omudsman/public editor/corections
    3. they have stated ethics/mission
    4. they have criteria for advertisers
    5. they got awards for journalism
    6. etc etc

  • How to help recognize sources from global south?
  • How to get content/news producers to adopt practices around providing more metadata/transparency? +++
  • Can we make Wikipedia more journalist friendly (permalink usage?) +
  • Create specific settings to help journalists? +
  • How to cite online news articles that may change several times? +
  • How cn we add multiple sources per fact on Wikipedia? +++
  • How do we bridge language gaps in sourcing?
  • Wikibase for Wikicite +
  • How might Wikidata help model/track the reliability of particular journalists? ++++
  • "copy/paste" factor can we generate a tool that calculates how much of a news article is original reporting vs how much is secondary? ++
  • Adopt ACRL (Association of college & research libraries) information literacy framework, and use it to develop a heuristic for the evaluation of credibility that content producers could use +
  • How to deal with the corpus of print resources from 1920s - on words subject to copyright protection and thus content accessibility issues for wikipedia editors +
  • How to share news event cluster IDs? +
  • How to help recognize source from minority language? +