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WikiConference North America 2021 • Online
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Lightning talks are short presentations one after another, without questions. At WikiConference North America 2021, we expected to have two or three hour-long lightning talk blocks, with each talk lasting up to seven minutes. It's a fast way to learn about a topic, when done well.

Interested in participating? Soon we will have open time slots below. For now we list the ones accepted for the program, some of which are on the long side.

Block 1: Friday, starting 4:55 Eastern

Block 2: Saturday, around 5:15 Eastern


No space above? Add your talk idea below. If there is enough demand, we may try to accommodate by adding additional lightning talk sessions.

Block 3: Sunday, starting 2:45 Eastern

17:00 - 17:07
17:07 - 17:14