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[https://pretix.eu/wcna/2021/ Registration] is closed but you can join the waitlist. You can also watch the the live streams of the conference [[WikiConference_North_America/2021/Streaming|here]].
[https://pretix.eu/wcna/2021/ Registration] is open and we are accepting [[2021/Submissions|presenter submissions]] for presentations, workshops, round tables, or any other type of session format you can think of! Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis—the sooner you submit, the better!
Those interested in giving a lightning talk or creating an unconference session are welcome to add their ideas to the [[2021/Unconference|unconference page]].
We will need volunteer help to evaluate submissions, to translate presentations, to chair sessions at the conference, and so forth. Please [[contact]] us if you might want to take on a volunteer role.

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WikiConference North America 2021 WCNA 2021 Oct 8-10, 2021

Online, multi-lingual and multi-local

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Photo by Nohat, Victor Grigas (CC BY-SA 3.0)
WikiConference North America 2021 logo.png

WikiConference North America is the annual conference of Wikimedia enthusiasts and volunteers from throughout North America, including Canada, the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Join Wikipedia, -media, -data, and -cite enthusiasts for a long weekend of collaboration and discovery!

The 2021 conference will take place virtually on October 8-10 and is free to attend.

Conference overview

We will host a hybrid conference for North American Wikimedia activity with the theme of Global & Local. We'll have a variety of formats in broadcast, large-group, and small-group sessions over three successive days. The goal is to bring together the best of online and offline community, coming together on our universal knowledge projects, while also engaging through distributed in-person hubs.


Registration is closed but you can join the waitlist. You can also watch the the live streams of the conference here.


We're pleased to provide translations between English and Spanish for our Blue and Red tracks!

When watching a presentation in either of those tracks, you will see an option on the right-hand column to change your language and receive an audio feed from a live interpreter. Attendees may also change Hopin's interface language by clicking their avatar at the top-right and selecting "Languages" in the dropdown.

Partners + Sponsors

We thank the Wikimedia Foundation for funding. If you give us funding we will thank you too! :)


Our previous events had unique themes and were located in different cities: New York (2014), Washington (2015), San Diego (2016), Montréal (2017), Columbus (2018) and Boston (2019), with last year Virtual (2020).

WikiConference North America User Group was formed in 2016 after that year's conference. It is a recognized Affiliate by the Wikimedia Foundation. The purpose of the User Group is to assure that the experiences gained at one conference are shared with future year conference organizers. The mission of the User Group includes coordinating the planning and hosting of events under our purview. Additionally, the User Group documents best practices and shares lessons learned with other Wikimedia communities planning and hosting conferences and similar events.