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Hopin is an online conference platform. We will use it for our conference.

We'll put some guidance here on how to sign in and use it.

  • Chrome or Firefox are recommended over other browsers. Close other tabs and windows using audio/video if possible

Registration on the platform

Registering for the conference is the first step. The conference will send attendees a "magic link." When they get the magic link, they create their account on hopin. They fill in a hopin account and then they respond to the email that comes back.

  • Stages for speakers with the audience silent. The speakers meet in Streamyard, either "internal" to Hopin or external
  • Workshops or sessions are meetings in which 20 people can talk and be visible. More people can attend and hear and see.
  • In either


Thru Kudo or Clevercast or Qondo, then in two directions hopefully: back to Hopin, and to YouTube.

  • Through Streamyard, flexibility "backstage", in the "green room" and, we think, a way for interpreters to give a second audio channel.
  • Safe space capabilities: organizers can silence or expel a participant
  • Recordings: We can record most sessions (possibly not second audio channel) automatically and get the recordings later
  • EMWCon and SMWCon used this platform, for smaller more techy MediaWiki conferences than this one.

Combine with info from https://mwstake.org/mwstake/wiki/Conference_software