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*Single largest one-day GLAM engagement
*First Culture Crawl: Single largest one-day GLAM engagement
*Whose Knowledge bootstarted
*Whose Knowledge bootstarted
*San Diego Usergroup
*San Diego Usergroup

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A list of ideas, projects, and collaborations, that have developed out of WikiConference ideas, connections and initiatives.



  • Wikipedia Space - banner-based exhibit debuts at National Archives, with copies made for chapters around the US
  • Wiki Education Foundation first academic track
  • inspired Wikimedia Diversity Conference in June 2016


  • First Culture Crawl: Single largest one-day GLAM engagement
  • Whose Knowledge bootstarted
  • San Diego Usergroup
  • A+F as usergroup?
  • w:Wikipedia:Meetup/LA/Wikipedia Day 2017
  • Affiliations Committee/Resolutions/Recognition WikiConference North America User Group