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Community Management 101: Building a Successful Wiki Community
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Community, Education

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Trella Rath

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Former Community Manager at Wikia

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My name is Trella Rath and I've been a Community Manager with a focus on wikis for about 3 years now. Many people don't know where to start when it comes to managing a wiki community, or how to oversee willing volunteers. I will share with you my experience of managing wiki communities as well as working with fellow editors and admins. While working at Wikia, I spent a great deal of time working very closely with wiki communities and helped them to grow and thrive. From small budding communities just starting off, to larger communities that are damaged and in need of healing

Wait, but what exactly is a Community Manager? Community Managers help drive a community and keep it on track. In the wiki realm, many admins or bureaucrats take on this role of leadership. Community Managers come and all shapes and sizes, as the term is loosely defined depending on depending on the person or organization you speak with.

During this presentation I'll speak about what it means to manage a wiki community and go over a few basic skills for bringing your community to life. Some of the topics I plan to cover include:

  • Creating Successful Community Guidelines
  • Attracting New Editors
  • Identifying Admins and Volunteers
  • Promoting Your Project

This talk is designed for anyone who is looking to get a new wiki project off the ground, new to Community Management or is just curious about the foundations of online community building.

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15-45 Minutes (can keep it short if needed)
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This is based off of a talk I gave internally to Wikia. I do not have the slides available at this time.

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Any time!

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