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Confessions of a paid editor
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Gregory Kohs
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Commercial paid editing of Wikipedia has been tumultuously debated since at least 2006 when MyWikiBiz, the first (and longest-running) content creation and editing service devoted to Wikipedia, was launched. In these debates, often the paid editor's point of view is either assumed, muzzled, or not even invited. Indeed, the Wikimedia Foundation kicked off 2014 by terminating the employment of a star colleague when it was discovered that she was engaging in paid editing contracts in addition to her work for the WMF. In this presentation, you'll hear about the experiences and mindset of one of the most "notorious" paid editors in Wikipedia history, Gregory Kohs. You might be surprised by some of the myths about Wikipedia that he may overturn.
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75 Minutes
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A recent presentation to Rollins College delivered by Kohs in 2013.
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Prefer to present on Saturday or Sunday.

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