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Title of the submission

Creating "Wikipedia Scholars" by engaging University Students,Graduates and Doctoral Students to Participate

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Curated Talk

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Rabimba Karanjai

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Rabimba (talk) 20:56, 14 April 2014 (EDT)

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University Of Texas at Dallas

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Web , Blog

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Since it's transition from Nupedia, Wikipedia today has grown to be a one stop destination for people looking for information and articles on a wide variety of people. Often when someone needs any information they come directly trio Wikipedia to search for that and increasingly a part of that population is students and scholars. However though often there are a wide variety of very detailed articles available on a given topic, sometimes it gets tricky to find quality properly cited article on a few niche topics.

In this talk I would like to present cases where we can engage the students and scholars in an university to contribute and improve an article. Often in course of research on a topic a student first visits wikipedia and then after gaining the initial knowledge base moves to specialized sources, or sometimes can't find any. These specialized sources are often repository of Research Papers or Articles which generally discourages casual readers. However if the same graduate or doctoral student who is working on it contributes what he is working on or what he has understood in an article that makes it much more interesting to read and the quality of the article also sustains. Most of these scholars.students already maintain their own blog where they write about these but they are diversified and often lost in the crowded internet blogosphere. Instead if we encourage them to contribute it in a singular repository, or namely topic based Wikipedia model then those articles will keep getting enriched as someone who might work on that later can get a verified source of information where they later can edit and enrich it.

This also includes discussion on

  1. How Wikimedia-affiliated organizations (i.e. chapters/Wikimedia Foundation) can help in increasing engagement within students at educational institution.
  2. Why educational institutions might be interested in encouraging this model and how we can help in that

And finally ending with if this is feasible with the goal of Wikipedia and how it is different from Wikiversity and Scholarpedia.

Length of presentation/talk (see Presentation Types for lengths of different presentation types)

15~20 Minutes. This can be further taken up as a Case Study under Wikimedia Education..

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