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Signalling Open Access References: Proving the Paywall Point

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Matt Senate, Max Klein

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Wikiproject Signalling OA-ness grantees of WMDE and Open Society Foundations

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You're surfing a topic of great interest to you on Wikipedia, so interesting that you actually click through to the references. You're excited to read the original material, but all of a sudden you are foiled—you've hit a paywall! And $35 to read an article is just too steep.

We see this as a fantastic opportunity to spread the word about the Open Access (OA) movement.

The Wikimedia community continues to demonstrate an impressive commitment to access to human knowledge generally, as well as in collaboration with the wider free culture and open access movements. The Open Access Signalling project, stems from the English Wikipedia's WikiProject Open Access. The goal is to bring together two threads: first, to ensure the world's body of scholarly literature is available to all, and second, to enhance verifiability by improving the process and depth of reference to the works of others in Wikipedia. We are developing a prototype to mark-up citations with additional information, especially the copyright license. Additional information in-line with the citation may include any available source text (Wikisource) and source media (Wikimedia Commons).

With advances in technologies of marking content as Open Access in machine-readable ways, and the maturing of Wikidata, the technological infrastructure is coming into place to make our dream an automatic reality. We are creating a Wikipedia Robot ("bot") that will make the interface and process of adding and signalling Open Access content, even more simple than citing closed sources.

A demonstration of the software so far will be given, along with our roadmap to getting our OA signalling system deployed on Wikipedias of every language. Since we are not developing anything so radically new, but rather integrating pre-existing pieces, this presentation will also show how you can fit into this open movement.

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