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Melina Masnatta
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Melina Masnatta
Wikimedia Argentina

During to 2014-2015 Wikimedia Argentina, together with the Latin-American Network of Educational Portals (RELPE) implemented the virtual course «Puentes entre las culturales escolares, digitales y libres» (Bridges among scholar, digital and free cultures). The participants were teachers and technical teams all over Latin America, with different needs and experiences. To address this heterogenous nature and question their contexts demanded an adaptable proposal, specially because this type of course had unknown trajectories. It was Looking at MediaLabs' strategies and the way in which technological developments are built nowadays that we decided to apply design thinking model to create a proposal. Looking back, we understand there are many ways to implement a capacity building course. MOOCs, for instance, show a lack of people who finish the course (over the number of people who started it). This experiences called by us WikiLabs: this training program also turned into a space for experimentation on how to generate a distance educational strategy, that is sustainable and that can also auto-generate contents and ideas.
To plan and develop a distance course considered under design thinking strategies. This innovative approach focuses on people and integrates technological possibilities (for instance, the platform where the proposal develops or the social networks used) with proposal needs (to reach higher knowledge and to promote in local contexts the use of the contents taught).
On a general basis, program design for virtual capacity building are traditional and do not address local needs or the educational contexts in which the audience of said program work. Design thinking can help solve this by providing a general work frame and also by promoting stages of co-creation within the Wikimedia projects thought an educational view.

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30 minutes
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