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Wikimedia DC
The panel would provide an overview of online harassment, problems in search of legal solutions, and legislative proposals designed to solve particular legal problems.
Various informal proposals have been floated to provide some kind of hotline or other type of support for individuals who have been victims of harassment on Wikipedia. This presupposes a lack of ability to stop the harassment, for various legal reasons. But what if we had the ability to reach out and give the victims some real relief in the form of stopping the actual harassment, or acting as an advocate on behalf of the user, and not merely attempting to apply bandaids after the fact?
What harassment problems or issues remained unsolved in the Wikimedia movement? Can any of them be solved by legal reform? What role can the Wikimedia Foundation play in this?
The panel would consist of representatives from the fields of law, government, internet, and advocacy.
Length of presentation
30-45 minutes.
Special schedule requests
One of the requested participants is available on Saturday.
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