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Type of submission
Dominic Byrd McDevitt and additional members of the GLAM-Wiki US Consortium advisory board (TBA)
E-mail address
GLAM-Wiki US Consortium
GLAM-Wiki (galleries, libraries, archives, museums) is an initiative to help cultural institutions share their resources with the world through high-impact collaboration with Wikipedia and Wikimedia. The GLAM-Wiki US Consortium was officially launched as a project right here in DC during Wikimania 2012 with a goal of cultivating a national network of institutions and individuals fostering capacity and skills within both the Wikimedia and GLAM professional communities. Three years on, this presentation from members of the inaugural advisory board will introduce the Consortium to newcomers interested in bridging Wikimedia and cultural institutions and provide a report on exciting developments in the past year and plans for the coming year.
While we are still in the planning and development phase, this year has seen the formation of an active advisory board, our first in-person meeting, and the establishment of a mission and goals. These efforts are being supported by leadership and funding from both the National Archives and Wikimedia DC, which are jointly undertaking a program to promote best practices and increased capacity in the GLAM-Wiki movement. This presentation will also be an open forum to discuss the Consortium's scope and direction, gauge interest, and learn how to join/volunteer.
Length of presentation
30 minutes
Special schedule requests
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