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The Wiki Education Foundation in a Flash
Type of submission
Jami Mathewson
E-mail address
Jami (Wiki Ed)
Wiki Education Foundation

The Wiki Education Foundation in a San Francisco-based nonprofit that connects higher education resources in the USA and Canada to the publishing power of Wikipedia.

Collectively, we've helped more than 14,000 students in 729 courses contribute more than 33,000 articles to Wikipedia. In this presentation, we'll share learnings from that experience. We'll tailor our presentation chiefly to Wikipedia editors, educators, librarians, museum staff and academics.

Since our presentation to WikiConference USA 2014 in New York City, we've grown from a staff of three to a staff of 14. In that year, we've also expanded our flagship Classroom Program, taken on administration of the Wikipedia Visiting Scholars program in the USA and Canada, and developed independent tools and materials to support our program participants as they improve Wikipedia.

In a series of lightning talks, our staff will offer quick (and energetic!) presentations about their work. Each speaker will share 10 slides in 20 seconds each. In those slides, we will explore:

  • Engagement with university instructors, including support tools, outreach, and the refinement of our resources through experience and feedback.
  • The life cycle of a student article, from concept planning to library research and their final contributions, including examples of student work.
  • Our targeted outreach efforts with like-minded organizations.
  • Our engagement with student editors through club activities and field trips.
  • New pilots and programs, such as partnerships, Wikipedia Visiting Scholars.
  • Our campaigns, such as our gender gap work and the 2016 Year of Science.
  • Our outreach work, from community engagement to fundraising efforts.

Each talk will be delivered in a flash format emphasizing a quick, visually-focused presentation to provide a fast, lively but thoughtful overview of learnings, achievements and challenges from our past experiences.

Likewise, we will apply a 20-second flash Q&A round at the end of the talk, to encourage participation and focused questions (and answers).

Length of presentation
30 minutes
Special schedule requests
Though we are available to present any day, it might be useful to present on Friday in case attendees have questions about our work throughout the weekend.
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