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Why Wikipedia Works for Us: an Exploration of Innovation at the National Archives
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Dominic Byrd-McDevitt
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National Archives and Records Administration
This panel brings together key practitioners from the National Archives' Office of Innovation, with the aim of contextualizing NARA's Wikipedia engagement as part of a broader institutional approach to promoting innovation, access, and openness. With an introduction by NARA's Chief Innovation Officer, each panelist will discuss a different project of note for encouraging open participation and public access to collections. The following are expected panelists and topics:
  • Pamela Wright, Chief Innovation Officer
    Introduction to Innovation at NARA (10 mins.)
  • Meredith Stewart, Management and Program Analyst:
    NARA's Citizen Archivist initiative and participatory catalog (8 mins.)
  • Dominic Byrd-McDevitt, Digital Content Specialist/Wikipedian in Residence
    National Archives catalog API and open data (8 mins.)
  • Dina Herbert, Innovation Hub Coordinator
    The Innovation Hub, NARA's citizen engagement space in Washington, D.C. (8 mins.)
Each of the panelists has also been involved, to varying degrees, in NARA's work on Wikipedia. There will be many GLAM presentations at WikiConference USA, but by focusing on the interconnected projects of institutional advocates of Wikipedia, this panel seeks to provide a practical demonstration of how an organization can institutionalize Wikipedia engagement as an established program within a larger framework of mission-oriented innovation. Through case studies, we will discuss not just successes, but the challenges of fostering a Wikipedia-friendly ethos within an organization.
Length of presentation
45 minutes
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For panelists' schedules, must present on Friday.
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