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Working with Academic Experts in a feminism-focused distributed editing project
Type of submission
Monika Sengul-Jones (presenting a project done in collaboration with Sage Ross)
E-mail address
UC San Diego/University of Washington

Academics, as subject matter experts, have much to offer Wikipedia. This is particularly true for academics whose expertise is in topics that are underdeveloped on Wikipedia, such as feminist theory, gender and women’s studies, and critical race studies. However while there has been enthusiasm among some academics to learn to edit Wikipedia, the fact of the matter is, many face considerable professional and personal obstacles that limit their ability to become long term editors.

This presentation proposal is to present the goals and efforts on an INSPIRE campaign project that taps the expertise of academics who specialize in feminist studies, in order to develop a protocol for doing editing work in a distributed fashion. Rather than teaching academics to edit, the project asks them to analyze content gaps on Wikipedia in their areas of specialization, and makes suggestions that can then be taken up for future editors.

The presentation will describe the two goals of the pilot project and the outcomes of the first brainstorming session that took place with five academics. The presentation will describe and analyze what was learned from this session, the next steps in the project, and recommendations so far for working with academic experts in a distributed editing project.

The pilot project is developed in collaboration with Sage Ross at the WikiEd Foundation.

Details on the project are available on the INSPIRE grant page:

And on the complementary blogs/webpage for the project:

Length of presentation
20 minutes
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Per attendance assistance

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