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Designing new strategies to engaged GLAM partners



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Giselle Bordoy WMAR
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Giselle Bordoy WMAR
Wikimedia Argentina

Argentina’s history has been blurred by the different coups occurred in the country. Museums have been neglected, entire archives wasted, elements of historical architecture demolished in favor of modern urban growth. In this context, only fifteen years ago did government policies start to highlight and give relevance to human right and the identity of the institution. Wikimedia Argentina has been working hard in a sector which, historical difficulties aside, is characterized by secrecy. Accessing relevant institutions and working with them as counterparts, us not belonging to any bodies of the government, is a difficult task in Argentina. We must first educate and engaged the institution, what is free culture? Why the Spanish translation of free culture does not mean “giving away your work for free”? That´s why we develop strategies to engaged this institutions. We are working in two strategic lines:

  • 1 - Online courses for institutions We are diagram an online course just for staff of museums and libraries in free licence and the correct use of Wikimedia Commons including the use of campaigns and how cand free content of their own website.
  • 2 - Changing the paradigm in edithatons

We realized that we only way we have to engaged institutions is developing a three steps editathon.

  • First step: A workshop in the institutions for the staff and people who´s interested in wiki philosophy and how to edit.
  • Second step: A wikichallenged online with articles and topics related to the institutions we are working.
  • Third step: An editathon were the community improved the articles related to the institutions.

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