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Cyberharassment destroys the ability to engage in dialogue that is essential to a healthy democracy. Individuals can not participate in online networks if they are under attack.
Harassment can take the form of trolling—aggressive and vulgar posts designed to provoke—or they can involve a more serious use of technology to target real people, by name and address, with online abuse, doxing, and defamatory lies. The targets of such attacks can face loss of reputation as well as professional and financial losses. Women are disproportionately targeted for such abuse.
Participants in online forums are often expected to endure all sorts of distasteful verbal abuse in the name of free speech. The goal of such harassers is often to silence someone whose views they don't like. Lone abusers, if left unchecked, can turn into online mobs.
Cyberharassment is, however, not inevitable. Civil rights law can provide a framework for dealing with cyberharassment. Legal reform is needed to encourage self-monitoring by site operators.
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