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Beyond copyright release - model release and other media rights
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Lane Rasberry
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Wikimedia Commons is the media repository which serves images, videos, and other media to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. Since its establishment, the primary check for suitability for content to be shared on Wikimedia Commons has been copyright compatibility. Commons accepts content which has a free copyright license and rejects content which does not have one. But what other media rights exists? Should copyright be the only right that is considered in a Wikimedia Commons upload?
This presentation will consider other theories of media ownership, including ownership of non-digital original artwork, patent ownership, trademark rights, and personality rights including the model release. I am not a lawyer, so this presentation will be a review of the major community stories which have developed over the past few years rather than any legal analysis of what is best to do. I will give special attention to "model releases", because I edit medical content and the reuse of pictures of medical conditions which show an identifiable person is something that affects parts of Wikipedia where I edit.
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30 or whatever
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