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Customized mini courses for Wikipedia based learning
Academic Peer Review option
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Abhijith Gopakumar
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Wikipedia is one of the most resourceful database available for education. But in most cases, we open it only when we have a question about a specific topic. In addition to maintaining the existing structure, a new system of joining related contents of a specific topic to create mini courses, would be of great potential in education. For example, consider machine learning. All pages related to machine learning can be combined to form mini courses for different age/intellectual/experience levels. This process can be done with the help of big data, if Wikipedia would be able to collect user informations including age, educational level, experience, field of work, location etc. Pages looked up by individuals with similar educational level, in the existing Wikipedia system, can be grouped together to form an initial, rough skeleton of the course. Manual editing of these courses further, with the help of global users/paid employees can form a publishable final structure.
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20 min
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