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Eureka! Science Comedy
Science Comedy Education
Academic Peer Review option
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Allen Saakyan
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Eureka! Science Comedy
I just emailed you guys as well. Kevin and I host a science comedy show in San Francisco called Eureka! where we demystify science in a way that is relatable, educational and entertaining. Audience members are encouraged to answer our guest scientist's questions for special prizes. We've been super successful so far hosting scientists from nuclear fusion physicists to biohackers and selling out PianoFight's 100 seat theater every 3 weeks! It would be an honor to partner with WikiConference by hosting a show with the keynote speakers sometime during the event. We can have thought provoking conversations about the importance of a free content encyclopedia meanwhile hilarious comedians banter! :)

Would love for you to check out our website, promo video and full length show and hear your thoughts! My cell is (415) 632-6716. Feel free to call to facilitate communication!

Length of presentation
45 mins, preferably 60 mins
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Yes, already ordered ticket

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