Submissions:2016/GLAM program in Mexico: the benefits and challenges of collaboration with the public cultural sector

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GLAM program in Mexico: the benefits and challenges of collaboration with the public cultural sector
Academic Peer Review option
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Iván Martínez, Pepe Flores
E-mail address
protoplasmakid, padaguan
Wikimedia Mexico
In this talk, we will address the alliances between GLAM program and the public cultural sector in Mexico. The public cultural sector is dominated by the government offices, so the conditions for collaboration agreements differ from institution to institution because of lack of funding, internal regulations, political limitations, among other. Sometimes, there is no long-term planning and the program relies in the good will of directors and other public servants. Nevertheless, some GLAM programs with the public sector, such as Cineteca Nacional (National Film Archive), have probed to be successful and prolific. In the Cineteca's case, we have organized two thematic edit-a-thons, and the film projection of the 2015 Wikimania's documentary. Other cases to be exposed are Biblioteca Vasconcelos (Vasconcelos National Library), Museo del Chopo (Chopo Museum).

In our participation, we will share the learnings, outcomes and challenges of Wikimedia Mexico during five years in this context, comparing our public sector experiences with other GLAM collaborations in the private sector, such as Museo Soumaya. In the Soumaya's experience, we have organized four edit-a-thons (including a Guinness World Record for the longest edit-a-thon in the world) and a collaboration for the digitalization of the museum's cultural and art repertory. Other private collaborations to be explored are Museo Amparo and Colección de Arte UDLAP (UDLAP's Art Collection), both in Puebla city.

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20 min
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