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Hardware Open Systems Technologies
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GaTech Research Institute
Hardware Open Systems Technologies (HOST) architecture provides a framework for developing embedded computing systems for U.S. military platforms. HOST provides U.S. Government Acquisition, System Integrators, and Third Party HOST Component Vendors with an open, interoperable, upgradeable, and sustainable embedded system standard, which promotes reuse of both hardware and software designs for existing and future platforms.All parties utilizing HOST have free and unlimited access to all information necessary to produce conformant hardware and software modules that are fully interoperable with other conformant modules. This maximizes the use of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technology and develops a non-proprietary, fully open, and publicly available architecture standard (including interfaces and documentation).HOST is easily upgradeable in that its system components may be separated and recombined with minimal modification. It maintains component specifications (building blocks) linked to prequalified hardware registries that can be combined to create a modular system. The registry provides designers with easily integrated and replaceable modules. HOST supports the replacement of obsolete hardware and/or software modules with newer modules that meet changing platform requirements without requiring the replacement of other system modules.
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