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Sharing the music of Mexico to the world
Lourdes Epstein
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Lourdes Epstein
Wiki Learning Tec de Monterrey
This presentation aims to share what Wiki Learning Tec de Monterrey has achieved with an academic project to upload traditional Mexican music in Wikimedia.

We contacted the National Sound Archives (FONATECA) of Mexico to obtain scores of music in the public domain. With this we worked with traditional musicians from Veracruz called jaraneros to record the works. These recordings are set to be edited, mastered then uploaded by digital music engineering students of the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Studies (Monterrey Tech) during the week of 26-30 September. We are also set to upload the scores.

This project has given us the opportunity to collaborate with musicians from a small village in Veracruz, giving them the opportunity to professionally record their music at the school’s studios. They will then bring the edited material back to promote the rich tradition of Jarocho music.

This project has allowed us to make contacts with other groups performing Mexican traditional music and support them with professional-level recordings, as well as give students meaningful experiences with the traditional cultures of their country, and then to share those with the world.

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