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Wikipedia and Family History: How Wikipedia helps guide and facilitate genealogical research
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Author: Matthew Harris; Presentation Type: Workshop
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Affiliation contributor, and private researcher.
This presentation will demonstrate how Wikipedia may be utilized as a trusted source to guide, and facilitate genealogical resources, especially for users who have research interests in European history, and the history of early colonial America. Overall, Wikipedia’s create a book feature enables the family historian to create a product and share much information relative to family history such as: Wiki pages of notable historical figures, the history, geography, and events or milieu for such notable historical figures. Wikipedia adds the finishing touches to family history research, where other free sources such as, google books and, only aid in such research. Wikipedia completes a technological-holistic approach to genealogical research that results in a cultural product that conveys information succinctly, and in a reputable format that can easily be shared between family and friends alike.
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30-45 minutes
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