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<!-- Simply provide information about your submission below and save the page. -->
<!-- Simply provide information about your submission below and save the page. -->
;Title: Video and Multimedia in Wikipedia
;Title: Video and Multimedia in Wikipedia: Today and Tomorrow
;[[Submissions#Proposal Themes|Theme]]: tech
;[[Submissions#Proposal Themes|Theme]]: tech

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Video and Multimedia in Wikipedia: Today and Tomorrow
Academic Peer Review option
Type of submission
Andrew Lih
E-mail address
Associate professor of journalism, American University; Wikimedia DC; WikiConference planning team

This presentation has been refactored from the original [1] version proposed by Jan Ainali, with his permission.

This presentation will present the state of the video uploading to Wikimedia Commons and use in the Wikimedia projects as of 2016. It will be divided in a number of parts:

Short introduction to what videos are accepted on Wikimedia Commons, with comments relevant from both a technical and a community standpoint. Some short tips on conversion will be brought up. An overview of the available tools for the actual uploading will be presented, as well as where each individual tool have an advantage. The tools video2commons, videoconvert and the Upload wizard will be touched upon. Some restrictions that might affect some of these tools will also be mentioned as to give the uploader the best possible options.

The talk will also give suggestions on where video might be suitable for an article and what might not. The talk will as well dwell into how to record videos that specifically will be useful for articles on Wikipedia. Previous sessions from Wikimanias will be worked into the session. Tips on both hardware and software will be included. Everything from mobile phones to high end camcorders will be touched upon.

Mentions of best practices regarding subtitles (also known as “timed text” on Commons) will also be included. External tools that can be of help will mentioned. This section will include short points on what templates may be used.

Finally the presentation will leave some questions for the audience to bring back to their own community, to discuss on how they want to include video in their local project.

Length of presentation
20-30 minutes
Special schedule requests
Preferred room size
25 (but perhaps the organizers have a better sense of the interest of this topic in the local area
Will you attend WikiConference North America if your submission is not accepted?
Perhaps, my attendance is conditioned on scholarship. UPDATE 2016-08-29: Scholarship was denied, so I will not be able to hold this presentation.

Interested attendees

If you are interested in attending this session, please sign with your username below. This will help reviewers to decide which sessions are of high interest. Sign with four tildes. (~~~~).

  1. Funcrunch (talk) 10:30, 23 August 2016 (EDT)
  2. Fuzheado (talk) 10:03, 29 August 2016 (EDT)
  3. Quiddity (talk) 15:25, 30 August 2016 (EDT)
  4. Add your username here.