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Wikidata and Query Service - understanding and presenting the data
Academic Peer Review option
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Stas Malyshev
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Wikimedia Foundation

Wikidata is a relatively young but very successful Wiki project with the goal to provide a free structured knowledge base, freely editable by everyone.

In order to make the knowledge in this database available and useful to people, we need to develop tools which would allow us to make use of the data in meaningful ways - query it, ask questions against it, present it in various forms and aspects.

In the last couple of years a lot of work has been done to make this possible - to enable the users of Wikidata to ask and answer questions that interest them.

This presentation will provide an introduction into Wikidata and querying, presenting and visualizing the data assembled in Wikidata. We will demonstrate the capabilities of the Wikidata Query Service and surrounding tools, and sample the questions that can be answered with Wikidata tools.

We will see how Wikidata Query Service works and what tools are provided to the user in order to ask questions and present the answers in clear and visually appealing form. We will see examples of queries and visualizations created by community members and external tools relying on Wikidata and the query engine for their functionality.

Length of presentation
~30 mins
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depends on interest
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