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Academic Peer Review option
Type of submission
various, including Stéphane Coillet-Matillon, Jorge Vargas, Adam Holt, and Tim Moody
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stephane /
m:user:Stephane (WMCH)
various, including Unleash Kids and Wikimedia CH
Internet-in-a-Box seeks to provide a device with software which creates a Wi-Fi hotspot that offers closed platform access to Wikimedia content. In practice, this means that users who are physically in the hotspot can connect to the device by Wi-Fi and access or download Wikimedia content. The Internet-in-a-Box is not intended to further connect users to Internet access or content beyond what is presented in the Internet-in-a-Box itself. This presentation will review the history of offline Wikipedia services and present this current attempt to succeed in delivering Wikimedia content to users who cannot access it online.
Length of presentation
30 minutes
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