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[citation manager needed] - Mastering your reliable sources, online and offline, with Zotero!
Tech, Education, GLAM
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Paul S. Wilson
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Aspiring GLAM-Wiki initiative contributor; attended GLAM Bootcamp in DC at National Archives in June, 2016.
Professional researchers know something many Wikipedians perhaps do not: a good reliable source may be managed like a goldmine - assayed, secured, and exploited for maximum profit. Not one, but many articles, could benefit from one nugget of verifiability.

Zotero (Wikipedia) has long been the premier free and open source reference management solution for academics and scholars in all disciplines, and it has enabled users on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux platforms; using Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers; and Word or LibreOffice word processors (not to mention Wikipedia), to semi-automatically harvest citation sources and metadata online and manage them offline. No more typing most metadata! It is so capable that portions of the code are used within Wikipedia to automatically add metadata from an ISBN or DOI alone [citation needed].

This hands-on-laptop workshop will introduce attendees to the full capabilities of both the online and offline components of Zotero (home page) itself.

The great benefit will be mastering your reliable sources so you can get back to what brought you to Wikipedia in the first place: an unquenchable desire to follow your curiosity where it leads. With your sources in your control, you can work offline with downloaded and fully indexed PDFs and archived Web pages, with both original text and metadata completely searchable and sortable, tweak the metadata as needed, organize your notes, and produce perfectly formatted Wikipedia citation templates with a single keystroke. Later, you may easily repurpose your sources for an academic paper and easily format your citations in any one of thousands of standard styles, including MLA, APA, Chicago, or most any one you can name - thousands of formats can be output and inserted into Word or LibreOffice as fast as you can write and cite. All the while, your research stays with you, easily backed up on a free online Zotero server, enabling group collaboration, if you so choose.

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50 minute workshop
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If possible.

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