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Cross-wiki collaboration: an international edit-a-thon
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Avery Jensen
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Avery D Jensen
Commons, WMDC, WikiProject Arabic
This started out as an exploratory contact between Wikimedia DC and Wikimedia Levant for possibilities for English/Levant collaboration, but when we found out the Arabic Wikipedia would be celebrating their 13th birthday, it quickly mushroomed into my first edit-a-thon, the Arabic Wikipedia Day Edit-a-thon, held on Saturday July 29, and an impromptu WikiProject Arabic. From the Jordanians we learned about using Wikidata to construct a cross-language lua-based dynamic table of "articles to start" using Q-numbers, and from our Wikisource contact we learned how to upload a document from PDF to WikiSource, and after several false starts involving Internet Archive, were able to upload one. So our event spanned English Wikipedia, Arabic Wikipedia, WikiData, Commons, and WikiSource, all in 3 hours. This presentation focuses on the uses of Wikidata and Wikisource in the editathon environment, and gets you past a few of the pitfalls you might experience if you try this for the first time.
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