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Analyzing and Reporting Attendance across Multiple Events
Theme (optional)
  • Editor Recruitment & Retention
  • Tech & Tools
Academic Peer Review option
Type of submission
presentation or workshop
Loren Koenig et al.
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Wikimedia NYC
Analyzing and reporting event attendance and editor retention is crucial for both WMF-grantee reporting and guiding organizations in evolving their events, but also notoriously difficult to achieve. Wikimedia NYC has prototyped a method for reporting attendances across multiple events based on Dashboard data. Key features include separate reports for total attendances as well as unique editors, identification of editors recruited in the context of events, identification of returning editors, analysis of coattendances, i.e., events with an overlap in attendees as compared to a given event, and tracking editors (both established and newly recruited) across events.
Workshop only: While this has been useful for the chapter both internally and with reporting to WMF, there seems to be no agreed-upon standard definition of what constitutes ‘retention‘ of an editor. As a consequence, for such analysis and reporting methods to be of comparative value across organizations, some discussion and standardization would be required, which a workshop might serve to get started with. Furthermore, in a workshop setting, attendees from other organizations managing their events and attendee records in Dashboard would be able to experiment with applying the Wikimedia NYC methods to their own context.
See #Appendix some examples of Wikimedia NYC metric reports generated using the proposed method.
Length of presentation
  • 15 min (presentation)
  • 45 min (workshop)
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video projector
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Note the potential thematic overlap with Submissions:2018/Supporting editathon and other event organizers with new tools. The author of this proposal would be amenable to merging the two.


Below are some examples of Wikimedia NYC metric reports generated using the proposed method.

Report scope (Dashboard campaign(s)): Wikimedia NYC: Simple APG 2017 - 2018
Number of events47
all editorsnew editors2returning new editors3
event attendancesabsolute numbers 987468274
per event, on avg.
unique editors1absolute numbers 81845312
per event, on avg.5 n/a9.60.26
1)counting each editor only once, even if attending more than one event
2)subset of all editors
3)editors recruited within the report scope who attended more than one event; subset of new editors
4)includes first attendances by new editors who would later go on to return to another event
5)effectively the number of such editors recruited per event

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