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<!-- Please provide information about your submission below and save the page. -->
<!-- Please provide information about your submission below and save the page. -->
;Title: JADE: A new platform for tagging edits and contradicting AI
;Title: JADE: complementing artificial intelligence with human judgment
;[[Submissions#Proposal Themes|Theme]] (optional): Tech & Tools
;[[Submissions#Proposal Themes|Theme]] (optional): Tech & Tools

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JADE: complementing artificial intelligence with human judgment
Theme (optional)
Tech & Tools
Academic Peer Review option
Type of submission
James Hare
E-mail address
Wikimedia username
Harej (WMF)
Affiliation(s) (optional)
Wikimedia Foundation
JADE, the Judgment and Dialogue Engine, is a feature under development that will complement the automatic judgment of ORES with thoughtful human-contributed annotations. The ORES service makes rapid predictions about the quality of edits and articles. With a site as big as the English Wikipedia, ORES helps administrators and patrollers do their work more efficiently by automatically triaging tasks. However, ORES does not always get it right. JADE will allow human contributors to step in and add annotations to pages, article revisions, and individual edits (diffs), matching the types of predictions that ORES makes. During this presentation I will explain how JADE works and its potential to make the work of Wikipedians more efficient.
Length of presentation
15 minutes not including questions, 30 with questions?
Special requests
Preferred room size
No idea
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