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Wiki Education in physical therapy at Touro College
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Relationship Building & Support
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Shira Weiner, Lane Rasberry
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for Lane - en:user:bluerasberry
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Touro College

This talk will present an upcoming article, "A Case for improving the quality of health information on Wikipedia", published based on outcomes from series of classroom Wikipedia editing events documented at en:wp:Touro.

Wikipedia is a popular source of health information. Anyone may edit Wikipedia. Annually from 2016-18 as part of a school program three classes of physical therapy students at Touro College edited Wikipedia articles in the scope of their studies. Wikipedia's analytics tools give insight into outcomes by reporting pageviews of edited articles and editorial response to student contributions. The authors report that publishing in Wikipedia is useful as a learning exercise for students and a strategy for sharing general reference information to a large and relevant audience at low cost.

Beyond typical classroom presentations this talk will report how it measured the persistence of student edit contributions to find that all student contributions passed review and remained in Wikipedia.

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30 minutes
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No, but this will be presented again at the 2019 American Physical Therapy Association conference
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