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This session is part of the WikiCite track.
For generic information about WikiCite, check out its page on Meta.
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Introduction to WikiCite


Relationship Building & Support
+ Wikicite

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WikiCite is a project to sort and present source metadata in Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects, starting with academic publications. WikiCite's scope is the corpus of formal publications and of the sources citing them or cited form them. An exemplary technical development is d:Wikidata:Scholia as a browsing and curation front end, and its applications include creating academic profiles of people and their publications, entire universities and their publications, and general reference information such as lists of papers or data collections for any subject of existing research.

Attendees of this presentation will learn the following:

  • How to make a profile of a researcher at a university
  • How to make a profile of a university based on data for its faculty
  • How to view profiles of researchers, universities, and topics

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Daniel Mietchen

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Daniel Mietchen

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WikiCite; School of Data Science, University of Virginia

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30 minutes

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WikiConference North America 2018

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