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titleNon-English Editions of Wikipedia Have a Misinformation Problem
themeGlobal & Local

The Japanese Wikipedia is the most visited language in Wikipedia after the English Wikipedia. Yet, the accuracy of the site has been rarely discussed or studied. In the course of investigation I've learned that Japanese ultra-nationalists have been controlling the Wikipedia community for many years. Their aim is to whitewash war crimes committed by the Japanese military during WWII and spread a xenophobic and racist worldview.

A similar trend exists in other languages, such as Croatian Wikipedia. It has received attention from international media for promoting a fascist worldview and historical revisionism. Certain language versions of Wikipedia, such as Croatian and Japanese, are more vulnerable to being exploited by illiberal networks.

In this presentation I'll discuss the misinformation and disinformation problem on non-English versions of Wikipedia and offer a possible solution.

authorYumiko Sato
time30 minutes

I've presented a similar topic at conferences for UX designers, such as Interaction 21.