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titleWeb2Cit: A visual editor for Citoid Web Translators
themeTech & Tools
typeLightning Talk

In this very short presentation, we want to introduce you to Web2Cit: a visual editor for Citoid web translators. The Citoid extension in Wikipedia's visual editor uses the Citoid API to resolve a URL, DOI, QID, etc, into a citation template. To do so, the Citoid service relies (in part) on Zotero web translators to get citation metadata from a website.

Lack of Zotero web translator coverage forces editors to fall back on manually transcribing citation metadata. For the majority of editors using visual editor, this is a cumbersome process that may deter them from adding references to their contributions, bias references toward those whose sites expose metadata appropriately, or leave broken citations.

The development of this tool (currently being funded by a Wikimedia Foundation Grant) would enable non-technical users collaboratively create and edit web translators, helping improve the quality of citations.

We want to share our progress in developing the tool and offer some ways for the community to help us by gathering sources and giving ideas about how we can further outreach to the community.

WMF grant

Project page on Meta

authorDiego de la Hera & Evelin Heidel
usernameDiegodlh & Scann
time7 min



We have an Advisory Board and we're presenting progress to them. We have experience on presenting on other topics as well :)