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titleWikidata's tenth birthday
themeSaturday Longer Sessions

Wikidata turns 10 at the end of October, 2022. There is a map of global activities. We can have a little online celebration, with quick talks and demos and commentary.

It's not organized yet, but several speakers/demonstrators have materials to show:

  • Minh Nguyen on how OpenStreetMap uses Wikidata information (and perhaps future prospects). Possible sources: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5] (p22 of SotM 2022 by Dsoua, Schott, and Lautenbach)
  • Andrew Lih, on many projects
  • Highlight of training materials from the regular Philadelphia WikiSalon
  • Pharos and econterms on a demo project on Wikispore showing data on nonprofit organizations drawn from Wikidata.
  • Room for more. We can actually sponsor a cake or something, but we have the problem that we are not all together.
authorPeter B Meyer
affiliatesWikidata user group. Wikisporeans, Wikimedia NY, Wikimedia DC
time30-45 mins

Includes overlap with OSM therefore put on Saturday not Sunday.