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Some ways to help

  • Students: ideas for working w/ uni, high school, and younger students
  • Wiki communities: liaising w/ major wikiprojects, chapters, and the wmf
  • MIT community: engagement w/in the venue + on campus (see SJ, Sarah, Phoebe)
  • Credibility + journalism communities:
  • Program: help w/ workshops, tracks, and hackathon;
  • Speaker support: rallying + tending to speakers
  • Hackathon parallel to the crawl
  • Culture crawl(s)
Virtual conference
  • Remote participation for people across N. America (and the world)
  • Connecting local wikimedians in the other 22 countries; language + networking issues (see Global Voices)
Partners + sponsors
  • Sponsors+partners: institutions, foundations, companies, and in-kind sponsors
  • Local partners: food, drink, venues, and city partnerships
  • Handling submissions + final format of talks
Quality of conf
  • Food: local catering (see Antonio + J8)
  • Parties: organizing opening + closing (+ other optional) parties
  • Lodging: couchsurfing and room shares for visiting students (hotels: see Antonio)
Website + publicity
  • Maintaining the site + imagery
  • Announcements, dealing w/ press
  • Registration: online + in-person reg, total event-size management
  • Other logistics: Help organizing local volunteers, manning tables

Speaker ideas


  • Ward Cunningham, Erin McKean
  • JI/Z

Non-wm speakers

  • Trad news publishing: AG Sulzberger, ?
  • Trad social news platforms: ?
  • Reliable source vetters: ?
  • Collab news sources: WikiTribune, GlobalVoices (in en, es, fr)
  • Someone from PRSA or similar type of organization who can discuss ethical engagement in Wikipedia for PR professionals.
  • Experts in the field of public health communication, science communication, climate change psychology, etc. - what ideas do they have on how to make Wikipedia communicate more effectively?

Ideas for the 2019 conference

General structure

  • Theme: Credibility + Incredibility (co-planned w/ CredCo)
  • Dates: November 9-11 (Sat-Mon, a long weekend)
    November 8 for satellite events, in nearby spaces (a few 20-50-person gatherings)
  • Venue: We currently have most of the Stata Center reserved, w/ spaces on the 1st + 4th floors. Looking for spaces for satellite events, dinners, parties.
  • Lodging: We're looking for inexpensive options for visiting students. Perhaps we have enough locals to support couchsurfing for some?


  • A Hatnote installation w/ delicious acoustics
  • A related dynamic world-map... (of people and bots, data / images / minor edits / major edits / new pages / new accounts)

Potential subthemes

  • WikiCite (possible on the satellite day)
  • News crediblity (hello CurrentEvents, Wikinews, Wikitribune, Civil? The Correspondent?? FB local news???) (possibly on the satellite day)
  • Disinformation and AI (ORES, other mechanisms, non-wiki approaches)
  • Education (WikiEdu is often a sponsor, hopefully again this year)
  • Librarianship and curation
  • Experimentation and unreliable drafts (importance of simplicity + all-can-edit!)
  • Wikipedia and international students and/or English language learners
  • Advocacy & public policy

Potential events / fun sessions

  • Sockpuppet Theatre (reprise, for all ages)
  • Sessions for high-school and younger students
  • Web 2.0 Elevator Pitch Contest (reprise)
  • Creative childcare (for attendees w/ kids)
  • Wikipedia edit-a-thon or chapter sticker or button exchange
  • Wikipedia PR sharing table: with posters for events, other materials created for PR

Potential wiki moments (just dreaming here...)

  • Get Ward C + some Meatballers to join
  • A vigorous Federated-MediaWiki/Federated-WD/
  • A vigorous WN/WTrib/CurrentEvents showdown
  • A vigorous Wikiversity/Wikieducator/OCW/EdX showdown

Call for Proposals

When do you anticipate sending out a call for proposals? I am interested in presenting some research I've done this year. Additionally, I'll add my name to the list of volunteers. I have lots of experience with planning programs, but I wonder if this is a COI if I also want to submit a proposal to speak?

Thanks! We would welcome help with this. There's not much COI there, though the proposal would be reviewed by others. Sj (talk) 19:38, 16 August 2019 (UTC)
Great! You can hit me up by email or through my talk page when the time comes. --Mcbrarian (talk) 15:28, 26 August 2019 (UTC)
  • Submissions: Currently we have a wiki form. Is it enough?
Have there been any concerns about the wiki form in previous years?--Mcbrarian (talk) 15:32, 26 August 2019 (UTC)
With our collaboration with CredCon and general potential for more non-wiki folks to join the conference each year, we had concerns that asking people to fill out a wikimarkup form wouldn't be the best experience for them. We've remedied that by using an extension that lets us use a nice form UI. ~SuperHamster Talk Contribs 07:18, 6 September 2019 (UTC)


Weekly on tuesday, 7pm
WCNA messaging
This wiki for longer-form documents and updates

Dreams [dream outcomes] for the conf

  1. Newbies: A track for newcomers! cf SF's newbie effort
    • Journalistic theme for newbies too?
    • 'under the hood' literacy course via Merrilee? Take you to the point/purpose of editing ... (MP could co-teach w a journalist / educator)
  2. Newbies: track for youth?
    • Active programming for hs and college students
    • not just WP: WSource (Jim), Commons, Data, ++
    • cf WordCamp's kids' camps. cf permissions, childcare
    • work w/ educators at MIT and elsewhere
  3. Great experience for people from small communities/outside the US/Can
    • Make an event w/ cool people who run their own rural/local events
  4. Result: Make a new WikiNews -- destroy the old and create anew
  5. Program: Have an all-library conference (aww)
  6. Meta: Inspire new recurring headlines about the movement [in the news]
  7. Result: Cite Unseen takes over all wikipedias
  8. Culture: American music! Sokha, calypso ... [Sherri]
    • WMSummit: everyone sent in music; danced for hours.
  9. Sites: consider all of Boston! [Af Am cultural museum + schoolhouse], full Freedom Trail.
    • Gardner museum: potential site, wants to partner! Next steps? Sat/Sun social? Part of the crawl? Wants to augment their collections.
  10. How we cani collaborate on facts and fact-checking w/ deep provenance [WD+]
  11. Reader consideration?

Current needs

  • Volunteer organizing x
  • Sponsorship one-sheeter (review, sharing)
  • Speaker ideas
  • Recording sessions! Give feedback to OL
  • Remote participation: decide where to have such interactions [get OpenCon feedback -- Nick Sh instance]
  • Reach out to parallel folk (Naomi, Jess, Nick Sh)