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This page collects information regarding my participation in WikiCon 2019.

My schedule


This section lists what I know about my schedule, as per this learning pattern. It reflects my interests as well as the constraints of lots of things happening in parallel. Sessions I am involved in running are listed in bold and with a little elephant (🐘) that helps find them on this page. The hamster (🐹) serves a similar purpose for a subset of the elephant sessions. See 2019/Schedule for the official schedule. Sessions marked with a video camera (📹) will be live streamed and recorded. When in doubt, I will give preference to sessions that are not recorded, and watch the recorded ones later. If you'd like to meet me during the event, please add your user name and topic in a suitable slot. The fast forward icon (⏩) signals follow-up conversations.

Thursday — 7 November 2019

Friday — 8 November 2019

Saturday — 9 November 2019

Sunday — 10 November 2019

Monday — 11 November 2019

Sessions I am considering to attend

The list below was based on submissions, not schedule.





  • Wikimedia coverage of recent disasters
  • Wikimedia coverage of climate change
  • Scholia profiles for things like newspapers, fake news, reproducibility, verifiability
  • Scientists4Future
  • Climate Feedback
  • How the wiki world reacted to Hurricane Dorian, including Sharpiegate
  • teaching Wikidata
  • Reliability & Wikimedia in humanitarian contexts
  • Meetups
    • Humanitarian
    • Scholia
    • Wikidata
    • WikiCite
  • WikiCite
    • Building corpora
    • Scholia intro
    • doathon