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  • Objectives: We committed ourselves early in a series of weekly meetings to (a) making the event inclusive, notably by arranging captions or audio interpretation across languages, which would be new to the WCNA conferences; (b) a theme of global-and-local frames implemented in several ways; (c) supporting local events and being able to sponsor attendees who needed funding to make time or get equipment to attend.
  • English/Spanish interpretation: It went well overall. The systems are complicated. Show diagram?
  • Technologies, suppliers, and platforms: Hopin, Kudo, Tlatolli mainly. The effort to scale up to over 200 registrants and English/Spanish interpretation raised our costs over other conferences and
  • Attendance: See charts below (may not be able to replicate these on meta, depending on copyright stuff, but we can cite them). Overall over 300 registered, but this includes a number of duplicates and people who could not or did not actually attend. 186 logged in to our Hopin event at some point. The peak attendance at one time was 92 people, early on Friday afternoon, possibly when Carmen was giving her invited talk. In the first chart, attendance never drops near zero even at night because there was no need to log out. On Thursday evening we invited attendees for a social/test time on the platform.
  • Local events: On Sundary afternoon NYC picnic (photos) and Mexico City. A parallel picnic was held in San Diego.
  • Budget: Our original budget was set by a grant (link). Our actual expenses varied from this (exceeding the budget by perhaps 15-20%). We had small unexpected revenues from selling t-shirts and mugs with the WCNA 2021 logo.