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Notes for discussion with Federal Enterprise MediaWiki demonstration group, 26 Nov 2018

  • Conference was in Columbus, Ohio, at Columbus public library and at Ohio State
  • Conference schedule


  • STRUCTURED WIKIDATA: Wikidata training on first days, and hackathon
  • LIBRARY/ARCHIVES: Visited real-world libraries and archives
    • At Ohio's state archives, saw weekly maps of Europe from U.S. military in WWII, vast rows of records
    • at central Columbus public library, saw large scale precise scanners for digitizing documents of many kinds
    • Presentation by Mark Graham, Director of the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive
    • [Submissions:2018/Wikidata in research libraries: community-owned scholarly infrastructure to advance mission Presentation from ARL (Association of Research Libraries) on how librarians can integrate with Wikidata]
    • OCLC/Worldcat presenters on the metadata systems of libraries, MARC records, planned improvements
  • EDUCATION: Several on use of Wikimedia in classroom
  • COPYRIGHT: John Mark Ockerbloom on U of Penn project identifying works out of copyright (federally funded research)
    • Almost all works before 1923 are free of copyright in the U.S.; starting in January 2019, more materials will be copyright-free (from 1923 I think); their project covers many magazine/journal works up to 1960s whose copyrights were not renewed
  • Maps, automatic timelines, data charts: Submissions:2018/Life beyond TEXT: maps, graphs, data, and the future of interactivity -- can upload a JSON-formatted data file and get a chart out of it
  • Effort to gather video and related content from "small languages", Wikitongues
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