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Wikidata's WikiProject Patents

  • Jarekt showed me how to run a QuickStatement to create new patent items
  • I will start to upload more and more
  • We have some basic standards on how to record a filing date, a grant date,
  • Page title can be of this form: Patent US-1906-827017, Patent CA-1914-153820 -- or another form if the editor prefers
  • instance of (P31): Use patent (Q253623) or U.S. Patent (Q43305660) to assert that this item is a patent.
  • Country where filed: Here are three options; freely use any or all. They express slightly different things.
    • Use issued by (P2378) and identify the office with which the patent was filed -- generally a bureau that is an instance of patent office (Q1148446)).
    • Use applies to jurisdiction (P1001) and then the Q-number of the national government/country.
    • Use country (P17) and then the Q-number of the national government/country. It does not need to be a country that still exists. This technique is perhaps more flexible, and it will be necessary to use this option if it is not known what bureau received the patent application.
  • Filing date:
  • Grant date:
  • Applicant(s) -- there's always at least one ; can include company or university or government lab
  • Inventors: Zero or more; Might like to mark their order -- some are notable enough for wikidata, others just name strings
  • Title
  • Patent number
  • Page title on Wikidata
  • Parent patent or child patent
  • Assignee
  • Pointer to URL somewhere with more information, possibly the full text and diagrams -- THERE IS NO ONE PERFECT SITE FOR THIS
Possible good outcome of getting these basics into Wikidata -- We could add patent offices to the Authority Control line, maybe (?)
like USPTO, or WIPO, and if the user clicks there would get an automatic list of patents from Wikidata
AGBell article lower section with authority control.png
  • some patents could/should be transcribed onto Wikisource