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I see that a session entitled "Paid Editing Moderated Discussion" has been placed on the schedule for Friday at 4:30 PM. I note that nobody had added their name as an "Interested attendee".

I see that my session entitled "Confessions of a paid editor" has not been placed on the schedule. I note that my session had three different people add their name as "Interested attendees". I see eight (8) "Open space" slots available during the Sunday "Unconference" calendar. It's nice to know that an empty room was preferable to the selection committee than having me talk as an expert on problems with paid editing.

I am told that the conference scheduling team has completed the calendar.

Therefore, I would like to be added to the 4:30 panel on Friday. Also, if I am not mistaken, Dorothy Howard's submission for the moderated discussion has misnamed David King (she has it as "Donald" King).