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My submissions are based on a series of informal brainstorming sessions I have done in the last month with experienced Wikipedia editors and trainers who typically work with GLAM institutions. I asked a few open-ended questions then asked participants to rate the issues by priority.

The identified issues in order of priority were:

  1. Harassment
  2. Harassment
  3. Harassment
  4. Tied between "better volunteer on-boarding, training and support" and "alternatives to bans and desysops - impact on diversity"

Accordingly I have submitted proposals for:

...and also for:

This last one was based on earlier community concerns, that ran parallel to the WMF's Research:Online Community Conduct Policies

Realistically, one person can only do one, or perhaps two of these properly, although the topics would all benefit from some crowd-sourcing of ideas ahead of time, and they all deserve to be started. Perhaps they could be prioritized, and if there was any interest in working on the other topics outside of the conference, the result could be presented as a lightning talk.