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The Zoom conference platform is one way we might run the conference. The alternative we are considering is the Venueless conference platform. Zoom is probably less elegant in appearance but there are fewer moving parts and therefore it could be more reliable.

Translation and interpretation
  • In Wikimania they would show the video from remo.co and a user who wanted to hear another language would go to a window at app.interact.io. It worked pretty well.
  • app.interact.io is just streaming audio. -- could we see a demo?
  • Clevercast platform described on youtube [1], [2] - needs training ; How many times can we use clevercast at once? We may need practice and a demo
  • UStream platform. can send two tracks of audio into the video. aka IBM Cloud Video
  • OBS enables creation of videos and video live streams from one's own computer broadcast thru their servers. [3] It's open-source according to [4]. OBS is like streamyard. If people in our conference present by streamyard or OBS they don't see interaction on venueless -- questions, comments
  • need to verify that streamyard can send video streams into zoom
  • That looks like a problem: the examples are just of screen-sharing from streamyard to zoom. [5], [6]
Other Zoom-related conference platforms
  • Pathable and Whova are shells around zoom that give a conference feel