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Thank you for joining us at WikiConference North America 2019 (aka WikiCredCon).
This grants program continues in 2020 and 2021.

We have around $100,000 to give out to projects at the intersection of Wikipedia and credibility, especially if presented or related to WikiConference North America 2019. Thanks to Craig Newmark, Facebook and Microsoft for their generous support for these community grants.

Grants will range from $250 to slightly more than $10,000. The larger the grant ask, the more it has to squarely hit the intersection of Wikipedia and credibility, while having the potential to scale. If your ultimate ambition is greater than that amount, then ideally we can tee you up for additional funding by demonstrating success as a pilot. We want to share our funding pot among relevant projects, so please let us know what you would do if you got less than the original ask.

Note, your proposals are public on We will likely have follow-up questions for promising projects. You will hear from us through email.

Please be patient as this is our first time doing this, and we are trying to make this as efficient and lightweight as possible while still being rigorous and responsible in funding. In most cases, grant funds will likely be held by the WikiCred fund, and you will be able to invoice against it for labor, equipment costs, travel, etc. Ideally, we can pay the invoice directly or reimburse you by PayPal.

Submit a Grant Proposal

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Then, begin your proposal: