Submissions:2016/A Review of the First Year: Wikipedian in Residence for Gender Equity

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A Review of the First Year: Wikipedian in Residence for Gender Equity
Community / Education and Academic Engagement / GLAM
Academic Peer Review option
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Kelly Doyle
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West Virginia University Libraries

This presentation will serve as an introspective look into my first year as the Wikipedian in Residence for Gender Equity at West Virginia University Libraries. I want to impart upon the audience my experiences in this position, what has been successful, lessons learned, and my vision as I begin my second year in this role. I believe that positions such as this can be replicated successfully to focus on the difficult conversations regarding gender and other forms of diversity on Wikipedia, and on college campuses as well.

It is also significant to note, that the creation and welcoming of this position signaled an interesting moment in academia in which social justice, and institutional cultural change were marked as important signifiers of potential future growth. I plan to explore the ways in which cultural change of this nature can continue throughout academia and Wikipedia alike, to support diversity and open access issues.

I will also discuss my integration into the culture of Wikipedia as viewed from an outsider with ties to academia. As a Wikipedian in Residence without any prior editing experience before the start of this position, I want to share the perspective I’ve gained during this first year, and elaborate on successful strategies for fostering collaboration with those who are new to Wikipedia. I will emphasize the positives to be gained from incorporating individuals with various backgrounds to learn and collaborate with existing, longstanding Wikipedia community members. I am specifically interested in discussing how community activists and academics alike can use Wikipedia, in concert with longstanding Wikipedia members, to promote global scholarship and share their areas of interest.

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25 minutes
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